Our Mission:  is a non-profit public relations company devoted to educating the public about the positive influence individuals has on the community, while encouraging, promoting and engaging in philanthropic activities in professional, collegiate and local enviroment. We believe in highlighting the many ways great citizens give back, providing an alternative, more uplifting perspective on local news than is normally reported, thus promoting positive role models for our youth.
> Disheartened by all of the negative news stories about young citizens dominating the internet and seeing the need for a different spin and more uplifting voice in the society, The Good in Giving was born. Our goal is to tackle the negative perception of youths by highlighting the ways professional and teams give back to their communities (through their charities and foundations), act as role models and enrich the lives of their neighbors.
> Great citizens truly are doing amazing things and supporting wonderful causes. Our job is to help bring them more awareness and visibility, while doing some fun things of our own. Have a look around and feel free to stay a while!


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